New video: the team of Conservacion Patagonica

In the Chacabuco Valley, 46 people work to create Patagonia National Park.  Everyone is Chilean; the majority are from Cochrane, the closest town.  Along with volunteers and visiting experts, they are the ones building the trails and campgrounds, monitoring and protecting the wildlife, and restoring the damaged grasslands–the jobs you would guess land conservation encompasses.  But they are also the ones operating and maintaining the machinery, landscaping the park headquarters, and cooking for workers and volunteers–the “behind the scenes” roles that provide critical support for building the park.

This homemade video (in Spanish) gives an overview of the creation of the park, and then profiles many of these people.  Several festivals in the towns around the park showed it this summer.  Many of the people who speak in this video worked on Estancia Valle Chacabuco when it was a working livestock operation. They discuss the transition to conservation and their new roles within this project.  Towards the end, some of the kids growing up in the Chacabuco Valley discuss the animals they protect, their friends, and life at the park.


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