New Video: Kayak Club of Cochrane

We think of our part of Patagonia, Chile’s Aysen region, as one of the wildest, most beautiful and “best for adventure” places on the planet.  So we love seeing how these steep mountains, dramatic fjords, and imposing rivers inspire people to develop their skills and explore new places.  Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world flock to Patagonia for its extreme challenges, but Patagonia’s own residents give them a run for their money.

In the town of Cochrane, just south of the future Patagonia National Park, “Club Náutico Escualo” teaches kids everything from getting into a kayak to running Class V+ rapids.  In 1999, Roberto Haro Contreras and Claudia Altamirano founded the club as a way of introducing Cochrane’s children to the natural world around them.   They aim to build local pride through giving the next generation of Cochraninos the skills to explore their wild backyard.  And what’s their classroom? The mighty Baker River, next door to town–and slated to be dammed by HidroAysen.

Our friend Weston Boyles just finished this short video about the Club, which has aired on TV stations across Chile.  Thank you, Weston, for sharing it with us and telling another element of the Patagonia Sin Represas story!

Learn more about the Club Náutico Escualo here.


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