About CP

Conservacion Patagonica creates national parks that protect and restore Patagonia’s wildlands, biodiversity, and communities.  See http://www.conservacionpatagonica.org for more information.

Our current project: creating Patagonia National Park in Chile’s Aysen Region, which will be a 650,000-acre expanse of mountains, grasslands, forests, wetlands, rivers, and alpine lakes.  Pumas, guanacos, huemuls, culpeo foxes, mountain viscachas, Andean condors, and many more call this wild landscape home.  We’re building trails, campgrounds, visitor centers, and other amenities to allow visitors to experience this incredible landscape.

On this blog, we record news and stories from the future park.  If you have photos, videos, stories, or thoughts to contribute, we’d love to add them! Please send them to nadine.lehner@conservacionpatagonica.org.


4 responses to “About CP

  1. Laura Larsen-Strecker


    I was wondering if you have a sign-up so that I could get an email with each new blog posts/notification?

    Take care,


  2. Hi Laura,
    We added the “Subscribe” option to the right column. Thanks for your interest and suggestion.

  3. Brian Farnsworth

    How are donations made to Conservacion Patagonica?

  4. Thanx for this clear update. The battle is not over. We’ll keep on fighting for this cause!

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